Children’s Physiotherapy

We believe in giving children a better and stronger start in life. Our children’s physiotherapists will undertake a comprehensive examination of your child’s physical abilities and provide you with a detailed assessment and goal-based management plan with an emphasis on fun and imaginative play, to enable your child to reach their full physical potential.

Developmental Concerns

Handling of preterm infants
Gross motor delays
Coordination Difficulties
Developmental Coordination Disorder
Low muscle tone/ hypotonia

Gait/Walking Concerns

Poor Balance and Falls
Flat feet

Orthopaedic Conditions

Flattening of the head (Plagiocephaly)
Tightening of the neck/side preference (Torticollis)
Infant foot conditions (club foot and talipes)
Hyper mobility (floppy ligaments)
Sports Injuries
Postural Issues
Knee, hip and back pain
Post Surgery
Post Botulinum Toxin Rehabilitation
Perthes Disease

Specific Conditions

Cerebral Palsy (CP)
Down Syndrome
Other Syndromes
Chronic Fatigue
Childhood Arthritis

Equipment Prescription, Trials and Applications

Foot orthoses (AFOs)
Specialist footwear
Standing Frames


Hydro (warm water rehabilitation) is used for a wide variety of groups such as :
Children with strength and mobility issues
Neurological conditions
Post-operative rehabilitation
Sports injuries
Chronic Pain
Balance issues

Why choose hydro?

The warm water can help to:
Reduce muscle spasm and increase flexibility
Increase functional mobility
Give pain relief by reducing force through joints and restoring normal movement
Allow variable weight bearing and balance training
Allow targeted strengthening
Increase circulation

And it is incredibly fun!

Our physiotherapists can provide a personalised hydrotherapy program to allow you to practice independently.

Group Therapy

Our therapists are able to provide group based therapy on request