Allison Barnes

Paediatric Physiotherapist
Bachelor of Physiotherapy & Exercise Science

Allison Barnes is a paediatric physiotherapist at All About Physio Nerang on the Gold Coast.  

Allison graduated from Griffith University on the Gold Coast, in 2008, with Bachelor degrees in Physiotherapy and Exercise Science. Since that time she has spent years working in disability and paediatrics around Australia within hospital, community and private practice settings. She loves working with children and adults with neurological conditions, genetic conditions, complex physical disability, and idiopathic toe walking.

Allison is very passionate about using a holistic approach to therapy and addressing all physiological systems in the body, including respiratory, neurological, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal and integumentary. She utilises the skills she has obtained from multiple courses presented by renowned Physiotherapists from the USA. In addition, she is also skilled in the assessment and treatment of toe walking from a musculoskeletal and sensory perspective, utilising manual therapy, serial casting, orthotic prescription and sensory desensitisation.

When Allison is not working, she enjoys taking her little daughter to the beach or pool for a swim, and spending time at home with family, chilling out with her cats and Rotty cross dog.