All About Physio offers paediatric physiotherapy catering to children of the Gold Coast by specialist paediatric physiotherapists Alana Gardini and Allison Barnes.

We believe in giving children a better and stronger start in life. Our paediatric physiotherapists will undertake a comprehensive examination of your child’s physical abilities and provide you with a detailed assessment and goal-based management plan with an emphasis on fun and imaginative play, to enable your child to reach their full physical potential. Parental involvement is a key component of our family-centred approach, to enable continuation of your child’s therapy at home.

All About Physio offers various billing options depending on your situation. We are NDIS & Better Start registered.



  • Flattening of the head (plagiocephaly)
  • Tightening of the neck / side preference (torticollis)
  • Delayed motor milestones
  • Developmental delay
  • Movement pattern problems in pre-term infants
  • Coordination problems
  • Balance problems, clumsiness and falls
  • Hypotonia (low muscle tone)
  • Toe-walking
  • Knock-knees
  • Bow-legs
  • Flat feet
  • Fatigue
  • Infant foot conditions (club foot and talipes)
  • In-toeing / out-toeing
  • Floppy joints (hyper mobility)
  • Sports injuries
  • Knee, hip and back pain
  • Postural issues
  • Scoliosis
  • Post-operative management
  • Perthes disease
  • Cerebral palsy (CP)
  • Down syndrome & other syndromes
  • Childhood arthritis
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy
  • Chronic respiratory conditions
  • Post Botox management


Hands-On Therapy
  • Baby handling
  • Neurodevelopmental therapy (movement pattern training)
  • Manual therapy
Clinic-Based Play & Exercise Therapy
  • Gross and fine motor skill training through play and engaging learning experiences
  • Strength, flexibility and endurance programs
  • Balance, coordination and motor-planing programs
  • Functional exercise for activities of daily living
  • Targeted sensory therapy
  • Treadmill gait training
  • Clinical exercise, involving the use of Pilates equipment
Gym-Based Therapy (My First Gym, Burleigh Heads & Ashmore)

Your child will have the unique opportunity to participate in our highly engaging and specialised gym therapy program at My First Gym at Burleigh Heads and Ashmore, run by one of our highly qualified therapists.

This is one of our newest and most popular therapy options and is an incredibly fun and motivating experience for our little clients. We are able to challenge your kids in ways we have never been able to before with a huge array of climbing equipment, obstacles and other sporting equipment on site.

We are lucky enough to be in association with My First Gym, and they are offering our clients a special discount on entry fees.

Hydrotherapy (Pool-Based Warm Water Therapy)

Hydrotherapy can help a variety of paediatric conditions and concerns including:

  • Strength and mobility issues
  • Neurological conditions
  • Post-operative management
  • Sports injuries
  • Chronic pain
  • Balance issues

The warm water can help to:

  • Reduce muscle spasm and increase flexibility
  • Increase functional mobility
  • Provide pain relief and restore normal movement
  • Allow variable weight bearing and balance training
  • Allow targeted strengthening
  • Increase circulation

And it is incredibly fun!

Our physiotherapists can provide a personalised hydrotherapy program for your child to perform independently.

Equipment Prescription, Trials & Applications
  • Ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs)
  • Specialist footwear
  • Specialist seating
  • Wheelchairs
  • Standing Frames
  • Walkers
  • Other mobility devices




Our standard consultations are individual, specifically tailored to your child


Our therapists are also able to provide group based therapy on request.

Therapy Intensives

Research indicates that intensive therapy (bursts of therapy over a period of days in the same week) accelerates improvements in gross motor skills with lasting results.




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